Terms and Conditions

Menuo wants to respect the privacy of those who use our applications.
By using the Menuo site and our apps you must accept our terms and conditions.
Menuo reserves the right to place ads, be it text or video, on your generated site as well as on the apps created by us no matter the licence you've purchased.

What information do we collect?

Information given by you:

We keep all the information that you specify when you complete the contact forms on our site as well as in the ones withing our apps.
Menuo will never for, nor will it save data regarding your credit card.

Additional information:

If you contact us there is a chance that we will archive the conversation.
We will also gather information about the terminal you used to visit our site or if you used our apps. Whenever it's possible, we will also save data regarding your operating system, your browser, the network from which you visit us and your IP address.

Do we use cookies?

Menuo doesn't use cookies for our official sites or our apps.

How do we use the collected data?

We use that data for the following:

  • to personalize your experience, making it better.
  • to develop a service that can compete better.
  • to deliver higher quality advertisment, ads that you'd be interested in.
  • to send informations at a given frequency through email, SMS or telemarketing

How do you protect my data?

Menuo saves the data into a database, the information given is encrypted through a unique key, this way, nobody has access to your information.

Will you share the data to third party groups?

We won't sell, transfer or share your personal information to anyone.