Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to implement your solution?

If you wish to offer Menuo to your customers, you have just to contact us (07333 MENUO / 0733 363 686), it takes up to maximum 3-5 business days so you can share them a unique experience.

How can I get Menuo for free?

Our team, found the perfect solution so everybody can benefit on this,

if you have a restaurant, bar, pub, coffee shop or hotel and you want to implement digital menu

then you can run a partnership with one of the biggest companies like Coca Cola, Heineken or others in your business, we will place their ad on the menu, so everybody will see their logo when they reach "drinks" section. This way, your partners will sustain our monthly fees, so you don't need to make any other investments. Isn't that awesome? Have Menuo for free today!

Is meno expensive?

Fist of all, we believe the best way to check that is to first verify how much you save with it. A lot! The changes into a menu are inevitable and each time you have to wait and pay for graphics and printing. Let's not forget the typos/mistakes that can appear, and if you don't have enough time to change it again, you will offer a less professional experience to your customers. You can save a lot with Menuo, and you can offer your clients a great experience with just 4.55€/month for a tablet. See our prices here, and do not hesitate to contact us.

How many languages are available?

According to your chosen plan, there is actually no limit! With this awesome feature you can now share the menu to your customers in their foreign language. You will not be longer asked for each plate "what does it mean?". Let's not forget you are not obligated anymore to work with graphic designers, to wait for printings and to pay extra for these services.

Do I have maintenance?

The maintenance for our app is available for a lifetime! We will always be here to make sure everything works perfectly. More then that, we offer you 5 hours of monthly maintenance, if you wish to make design changes or add new features, they will be for free. The extra hours will be charged with just 30€/hour.

Do I always need an internet connection?

Our team developed a software that is not web based, so the database of your meny is always saved in the tablet. If there is no more internet connection, don't worry, you menus will work just fine. However, when you wish to update them, you will need a internet connection for the tablets.

Is the tablet fragile and expensive?

They are actually solid gadgets and you don't have to worry about this. We made a lot of tests, and from our existing experience, there where no problems with the tablets. On top of that, Menuo will offer you awesome leather tablet covers, so you can protect your investment.

Regarding the costs, there are all sorts of tablets on the market, after we made several tests on our app, we can suggest the perfect tablet for your future menus, will cost no more then 75€ per tablet. Think of it like as a long term investment, it's definitely worth it.

What are your app advantages?

Menuo was designed to offer your customers a pleasing experience, to add a plus to your professionalism and savings.basicly

First of all, you no longer depend on anybody when you need to make a modification to your menu, second of all, you increase your sales by 10%, your costs are basically covered by the additional income that is generated with Menuo.

You'll offer your customers to user the search box feature included, thus less time to wait for your customers, just think about it, the faster they order, the faster you earn.

You'll give foreign customers the posibility to read your menu in their own language, thus you earn time again and get a better image of your business on rating sites where foreign customers will almost always rate your place.

Another significant advantage that you must take into consideration is the ability to add a schedule to your menu items depending on day time. For example, you can serve breakfast until 12:00 AM, you can make your place a late night bar. You can create a different meniu for special events like: Valentines' Day, Easter, Christmas, New Years Eve etc.

We'll also include a free website from us, which looks great and will give you a plus, you'll be easier to find and therefore you will earn much more. Here, your clients will be able to check your contact details, a map that helps them locate your location much easier and also the meniu of your place.

How can I modify my menu?

Menuo gives you the an administration panel where you can login with the email and password you've been given at registration. After you've logged in the admin panel, your just a few clicks away from modifying your menu. After you're done with the modifications, you must open the menu on each tablet and press and hold the language flag for 5 seconds. And that's it, our servers will update your tablets with your new modifications.

Will I or my customers need to have a technical knowledge on how to use digital menu Menuo?

No! Absolutely not, Menuo was made not just to have a friendly user interface for your clients, but also for you, the administrator, in the admin panel everyting was designed to be extremely easy to use.

Will the price also include the tables?

Upsy! Unfortunately no, there are obvious reasons why we can't give the tablets for free at such a low cost. We do however offer you the opportunity to get a discount for them if you buy them from us. We guarantee that we will offer the best price in relation to the system requirements for the Menuo app.

Can I use any tablet I want?

No, the tables must have an Android Operating System and, for the app to run smoothly, you must respect these technical requirements:

  • Minimal Android version: 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Display: 1280×800
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB ROM

I'm not a technical person, can you help me in choosing / acquiring the right tablets?

Our advisors are here and ready to help you, they are the ones that will talk to you about this issue, in fact, consider it as our duty to help do this for you.