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First of all,

Menuo is a project which aims to replace the classical menus from a restaurant, bar, café or hotel, with a system based on an interactive menu on tablets

. In short, it's basically a digital menu.

Our idea to change the paper menus has been submitted to a set of tests from the very beginning. One of the tests was to see this application through the eyes of several types of users: the owner or manager of a place, his associates and, of course, his customers.

Once this exercise was completed, we've realised that menuo really had some great advantages that were definitely worth taking into consideration.

To prove it to you, all we have to do is answer three simple questions. The first one would be “what does menuo mean for a restaurant, a bar, a café or a hotel?”

To start with, menuo means evolution! Time is constantly showing us that we need to adapt in order to overcome the daily challenges.

Next, menuo is a synonym of flexibility. As HORECA owner or manager, you often have to deal with all kind of problems which force you to change and reprint menus. Having paper menus, you have to wait for new graphics from a graphic designer, then send them to the printing office and finally receive the menus a few days later. This process obviously implies a waste of time and additional costs. But thanks to menuo, any modification you want to make will now take only a few minutes. All you have to do is to access the administration interface and sign in with your menuo account. Then you can change prices, add or remove dishes, add photos, and so on. At the end, you click on “update menu” and it's ready! All the menus have been changed.

From now on, it is easier and faster to modify the menu when some dishes are no longer profitable because of production costs, when you hired a new chef or when prices are influenced by tax increases. All these problems will be just a bad memory.

Besides, menuo allows you to establish time intervals for a particular dish or meal. For instance, breakfast may be served till midday.

You can also modify the menu according to a certain holiday or event, such as: Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, New Year, etc.

Whether you want to promote an event or just display the menu of the day, everything is possible by means of a category specially designed for that. You can customize this category as you please.

The advantages of menuo do not stop here, so why not give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are here to answer your questions, provide support and assistance!

The second question would be, without doubt, “what does menuo mean for me as a customer of a restaurant, a café, a bar or a hotel?”

Well, we have already tested menuo in several locations and we have to admit that the experience was enjoyable, fun, one of a kind. We sat down at a table and we were pleasantly surprised when the waiter brought us the tablet. We looked for a chicken dish and, besides the fact that we immediately found what we wanted, we liked the idea of being able to see photos of the products. Menuo is so easy to use that even an older person could do it without any problem.

Moreover, the menu was not dirty ou deteriorated, there were no erasures, no corrections and no additions written in ballpoint pen. Such an experience certainly makes you return there.

Finally, we can also download the menuo app on our mobiles. Thus we can see the menu anytime we want and place an order by phone or make a reservation.

The third and last question would be “what does menuo mean for me as associate (for instance, a beverage distributor)?”

I enthusiastically discovered an amazing system to present my products in the menus of my associates. You used to wait a lot before introducing a new product in the menu of an associate. Menuo has solved this problem too. All the new products can be added in a few minutes. This is the flexibility we were talking about above, the flexibility which allows you to increase your sales.

The menuo menus are also an exceptional way of promoting a brand which is not that well known, as well as new products.

It is very important to constructively invest your marketing budget. From that point of view, we could rightly consider menuo as a marketing tool because, thanks to the mobile app that many people have on their smartphones, we can easily promote our services without using aggressive advertising.

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