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    Menuo - tablet menu - digital tablet menu for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels.

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    A solution which helps you to create and update your menu anytime you wish.

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    Menuo is the first complete tablet based menu solution in Europe.


Make your customers happy!

With Menuo, in just a few minutes you can have an innovative and simple solution of tablet menus for your restaurant, coffee shop, bar, pub, or hotel. Forget about the paper menus and implement the new, awesome digital menus, through the solution we've created for you.

Win flexibility with Menuo.

Now you can very easily update whatever you want in your menu, without depending on other services (graphic designers, printers, etc.). You can customise your menu to change itself according to the day time, for example you can setup to have Breakfast until 12:00 AM, daily menu, dinner menu, bar, etc.

You can organize the prices and descriptions, you can add or remove a product from your menu. Provide a multi-language menu to your customers.

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Our solution

  • You contact us, and we make you a specific estimation for your own business.
  • We customise the app, according to your brand's details, we add your logo and your colours.
  • We install the app on the tablets and we make you a training.
  • You update your digital menu, from the back office we just gave you, and your are ready to go!

Good for any business: restaurant, coffee shop, bar, pub, hotel.

Web based management. You connect with your browser to your admin panel, and you can update your menu at any time.

Multi-language option, it gives you the opportunity to offer a multi language menu to your customers.

You increase your sales with more then 15%, the moment you start offering quality images in your menu.

Menuo, is not internet dependent, it works without an internet connection, thus your menus will be working everytime.

You can customise it with your own brand identity elements. Logo, colours, fonts, you name it!

You can setup the menu for different events like: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc.

We offer you, right from the start, a free website, so your customers will always know your location, contact details, and of course, your menu.

Your menus won't stress you any more! Increase your sales, and offer a unique experiece.

We know that menus have to be changed frequently, we know the effort you have to put in each time you want to update something in your menu. There are even moments when your are obligated to do it, not because you want to, but because you need to. For example, when the state is adding a new tax, or your chef is not there for your to serve the same dishes anymore. With Menuo you get rid of all of these problems, simply being an awesome dynamic solution, it gives you the opportunity to modify whatever you want, whenever you want with zero additional costs.

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  • Easy to Use

    Menuo was designed to be user friendly, whether you are a computer enthusiast or not.

  • Increase your sales

    Right from the moment you offer images and more quality content in your menu, your sales will be increased by 15%.

  • Multi-language

    With Menuo, you can add as many languages as you want. So you don't need to print one more menu for each other secondary language.

  • Custom Design

    You will have your own branding colours and logo. Your menu will be unique.

  • Unlimited content

    You are not limited anymore, anything your guests want can be found easily with the smart search bar we've included.

  • Eco-friendly

    Let's try together to offer a better world, if not for us, let's do it for our children. Even you can help on this too.